If Microsoft ever wondered why Hotmail never gained traction as a legitimate e-mail resource, I think I know why.  I opened up registration for this website a month ago.  A website that I advertise in no way and one that has no external links pointing to it (thus, it’s essentially hidden, in fact, I doubt anyone will ever read this).  In that month, I’ve had 149 user registrations, most likely all spam (although no one has tried to do anything, they sign-up then never post, probably seeing that they’re defaulting to subscriber and realize they won’t be able to overtake my site with moderated comments alone).

Of those 149 registrations, I believe 147 are hotmail accounts.  No gmail, no yahoo, just 147 hotmail and 2 from a couple no-name domains.  Microsoft definitely did the right thing by moving away from hotmail.  I can’t really say I’ve ever known anyone who use a legitimate hotmail account.  I think someone in high school had one once (back in the 90’s), I believe they used it to join websites “anonymously”.  You know, back before spam filtering when you used a junk email account to sign up on less-than-trustworthy websites just in case you eventually had to abandon the account.

Anyway, yeah, so Microsoft, that’s why.

Ok, I used to have a Status.net website here, because I figured I would try out “micro-blogging” and don’t care for Twitter.  Twitter enables things like following others and allowing them to follow you, which I don’t care about.  So, anyway, here we are.