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Ok, so many of the jobs I am applying for now want C++ experience.  Problem is, none of the companies I have worked for in the past 8 years wanted me to write in C++.  The industry used to use Ada, and many legacy programs still have all their code in Ada.  Not only that, but the companies that use C++ often use model-based development suites, meaning they don’t write any actual code, the compiler does it all for them.

Anyway, I am quite familiar with C++.  It was the first real language I ever programmed in (not counting Quick Basic).  I took 3 years of C++ in high school.  I did all sorts of things in the days before Java, Python, Perl, .NET, etc…  Now days, I’m not even sure people know what C++ means.  They probably use so many libraries, they really only use C++ for the Syntax and wide array and industry tested (and free) compilers.

Long story a little bit shorter, I have started to upload some of my old C++ code to my SVN server.  The page describing it all is on my website here: C++ Code.

That is all.